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  • phone consultation: +49-56170559774
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  • free samples with every order
  • international premium shipping
  • gift packaging on request

We are happy to welcome you to our shop for natural cosmetics in Kassel. Out of love for nature and out of deep conviction, we sell environmentally friendly, mostly vegan natural cosmetics that are not tested on animals and meet the highest standards of quality, effectiveness and sustainability. In addition to natural cosmetics, you will find many other special products in the areas of delicatessen, exclusive gifts, home and fashion accessories. Take the time to "stroll" a little and discover our diverse range.

We are proud and pleased to present you a wide range of natural cosmetics and natural perfumes from L'Erbolario from Italy in our online shop - just as our ancestors would have offered the finest fruits of their gardens to the market. L'Erbolario's natural cosmetics are guaranteed not to be tested on animals, are allergy-friendly, clinically tested and sustainably produced and packaged.

In our shop you will also find the hand-made care products from Bomb Cosmetics from England, the hand-made, alkaline natural cosmetics from the Zartfühl manufactory from Germany and the magical gifts and natural cosmetics from La Vida from the Kassel region. Due to the great demand, we have also included our D&B coffee and tea range from Hamburg, the popular Les Tongs cinnamon flip flops and part of our range of jewelery and bathroom accessories in the online shop. The little Swarovski guardian angels are so popular to buy and give away in our shop that we are also happy to sell them online. Especially for children we offer you great toys and accessories from Floss & Rock as well as the cheerful "We don't match" socks from PALS. And for all adults who also like to wear cheerful socks with cool motifs and sayings, you can browse our Woven Pear range as you please. We are happy to be able to offer you new, unusual gift ideas, accessories and care creations again and again. With our natural cosmetic products you are in harmony with nature, the environment and animals and support sustainable development.

L'Erbolario Natural Cosmetics, vegan-friendly, not tested on animals, 100% made in Italy

L'Erbolario Natural Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics, handmade in England, essential oils, vegan-friendly, handmade soaps, not tested on animals, bath blaster

Bomb Cosmetics

Manufaktur Zartgefühl, Aber bitte mit Sahne, Körpersahne, basische Körperpflege, tierversuchsfrei, vegan, handmade in Germany

Manufaktur Zartgefühl

La Vida Natural Cosmetics and gifts for you, vegan-friendly, made in Germany

La Vida - Gifts for You

Gourmet World, Cafe Cult, Tea Since 1889, Premium Coffee, made in Germany, Hamburg

Gourmet World - Coffee, Tea, Sweets

Les Tongs, Zimtlatschen, Flip flops, Summer Shoes, cinnamon, Vietnam

Les Tongs - Cinnamon Flaps

Primavera, Aromatherapy, organic, natural care, not tested on animals, vegan-friendly, made in Austria

Primavera - Aromatherapy

Floss & Rock, Gifts for Kids, made in England

Floss & Rock for Kids

Woven Pear, Pals, Happy Socks, Children's Socks, Made in the USA

Woven Pear & PALS Socks

Wünsch dir Was, Glücksarmband, made in Germany, bracelets

Nice Jewellery

Bathroom, Accessories, Soap Dishes, Luffa, Sponge

Bathroom Accessoires

Guardian Angel, Swarovski, Protect, Glass

Swarovski Guardian Angels

Clinically tested - Eco-friendly - Energy Saving Production Plant - Slow Food Foundation Supporter - ICEA Certified Organic BioEcocosmetics Range - Certified Agriculture Activities - not tested on animals

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