Peonie - The peony

Peony color palettes fill endless Chinese gardens with your mood. Across green spaces or on the glacier, on the edge of sloping hills and around loose lakes, these spring ladies perform a silent dance with their flower crowns bearing golden crowns on their stamens and the coral pink and pale yellow leaves. Peonies have been used for centuries in traditional medicine for their healing properties and their exceptional beauty has made them the prima donna in the aristocratic gardens. Therefore, this complete body care line was named Peonie - Peony.

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In the shade of the changing and fragrant petals of the peonies, a bouquet of flowers and scents opens.


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Peonies ensure that even the most fragile and sensitive skins do not suffer from the redness caused by external factors.


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Combined with the flowering Peonies, numerous active substances watch over the beauty and splendour of the skin.


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