Cherry blossoms

Tra i Ciliegi - Cherry blossoms



The charming Cherry Tree will inevitably leave you in awe. In awe of the tree itself in its entirety, a plant sacred to Venus in Greek mythology and a lucky charm for lovers.  And precisely as a tribute to such a generous plant, we have formulated the products of the line “Tra i Ciliegi” – Amidst the Cherry Trees, which will prove to be equally generous with your skin.

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A sweet scent, reminiscent of blossoming cherry trees, as pure and gentle as the essence of the person who wears the perfume.

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This particularly gentle shower bath with cherry blossom extract has an oxidation-inhibiting and protective effect on the skin.

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Cherries are simply irresistible, your skin will no doubt have great difficulty resisting this light and delicately perfumed Cream.

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