Hair Care



Do not despair if your hair rebels against everyday stress and the thousand minor torments which you subject it to in the name of fashion. Does it show its disapproval with split ends, loss of shine and volume, or is it excessively greasy or dry, always tired and lifeless and dull in colour? It is worth responding with kindness and patience, nourishing it, caressing it and providing the care it deserves. The products which L’Erbolario recommends for you have been created so that your hair can represent for you what healthy and shiny branches are for a fine tree.

Obviously, like all the other cosmetics, the shampoos too, in order to ascertain their tolerability, were subjected to strict clinical trials at the University of Pavia, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe. Guaranteed to be totally free of alkaline soaps, they always have a natural pH level.