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To make you tan better, more rapidly and in total safety: these are the goals which L’Erbolario pursues for you. The eight specific sun products which we offer you have been specially formulated to encourage the tan and make it last as long as possible, to moisturise and protect the skin, at the same time maintaining it smooth and elastic, and thus prevent its premature ageing and the formation of small wrinkles, to revive it after hours and hours of intense outdoor life. In this way you can take advantage of all the good things the sun has to offer, “creating” first of all and then prolonging that wonderful natural protection which is known as a suntan.

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This sun cream has a specific anti-ageing action and is dedicated to those who love the sun’s golden caress on their face (LFS 25).


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Transparent sun spray with oils from the prickly pear and the desert date. Leaves no traces and is not greasy - water-resistant.

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