Les Tôngs Cinnamon Flaps


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Cinnamon has long been used as an effective home remedy for unpleasant smelling feet. In Ayurveda in particular, cinnamon is believed to have a healing effect. Similar to ginger, cinnamon is, so to speak, an all-rounder in terms of therapeutic effects - not only in the diet or in the form of essential oils, but also incorporated into soles. It can also develop its positive effects there. The unpleasant smell of sweaty feet is neutralized, the temperature is regulated and the cinnamon flaps also have a calming effect. The reduced foot odor and, moreover, the bacteria-reducing effect of cinnamon and the other beneficial properties of cinnamon lead to an increased quality of life. On warm summer days, the feet are in the fresh air and are additionally stimulated by the cinnamon content in the sole. In fact, the cinnamon does not only affect the feet, but has a relaxing effect on the whole body. As the blood circulation is stimulated, the feet warm up without sweating more, which increases overall well-being. Cinnamon also has a proven positive impact on the internal organs of the body.