Anti-Tempo Youth Face Mask 40ml

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100 ml = 62.50 €

Its formula is a real cocktail of factors which avant-garde cosmetic science considers definitely effective in the fight against age, chosen according to the knowledge of phytotherapy. In order to soften the skin and make it capable of withstanding sensitising and allergising factors, the flavonoids of lady’s thistle are combined with phytosomes which transport them into the skin and prolong their efficacy. In order to fight free radicals, which prey on the cells of the skin, and which are formed above all due to the action of the rays of the sun, high doses of vitamin E have been added. In order to tone the skin and retain turgidness and purity of the features, the extensin; similar to the animal type which forms the essential structure of the dermis, is used. Extensin, jojoba oil and vitamin B5 provide moisturising elements and help the natural ability of the skin to retain water. A supreme nourishment function is performed by the asparagus root extract, an active ingredient obtained from meristema, a specific “germinative tissue” found at the ends of roots, shoots and buds, in which the key to the amazing ability of plants to regenerate and grow throughout their lives, however long, unlike in the animal world, has been found. Which woman has never envied trees and shrubs the ability to bloom each spring and the advantage of seeing their beauty grow, rather than wither, year after year? Now the secret stolen from vegetables can, if not change nature, at least help our skin to remain more youthful and luminous.

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