Les Tongs Cinnamon Flaps Flower-Garden Black Size 39/40

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With cinnamon flats, the natural toe separator with cinnamon soles from Les Tongs, sweaty feet are a thing of the past. The interesting combination of natural materials with a classic design make the Cinnamon Flats Flower Garden a daily companion. The cinnamon sandals are not only suitable as summer shoes for women, but also as slippers in summer. The pleasant effect of cinnamon on the soles of the feet and general well-being was recognized early on, but it was not until 1987 that the idea was born in Vietnam to sew the cinnamon into a sole or shoe. The healing effects of cinnamon are also described in the teachings of Ayurveda medicine.

Materials of the cinnamon sandals: The footbed and the straps are made of rushes. The straps are also edged with a cotton ribbon. The outsole is made of rubber (EVA).

Important product information: Cinnamon allergy sufferers should avoid wearing cinnamon slippers. Cinnamon during pregnancy: the slippers can also be worn frequently during pregnancy. In extreme heat or moisture, cinnamon powder can leak and cause slight discoloration of the sole of the foot.

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