Les Tôngs Cinnamon Flaps Hanoi Beige Size 37/38

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Pamper your feet this summer! The Les Tôngs cinnamon flats Hanoi are chic women's sandals with a cinnamon sole. The beige straps of the flip flops are decorated with floral patterns and are made of satin, which makes these cinnamon flaps particularly comfortable to wear - at the same time you can benefit from the positive properties of cinnamon. Cinnamon flaps come from Vietnam and have a long tradition there. Because there has been known for centuries the positive effect of cinnamon on health, which has also found its way into Ayurvedic medicine.

Materials of the cinnamon flaps: The footbed consists of rushes. This is edged with a red cotton ribbon. The upper material is made of soft red artificial silk with small flowers. The outsole is made of rubber (EVA).

Please note the following with cinnamon soles: People with allergies to cinnamon should avoid wearing cinnamon flats. If the cinnamon flaps are worn during high physical exertion, high heat or in damp conditions, cinnamon powder can leak and the soles of the feet can become slightly discolored.

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