Baby Protective Paste 125ml

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Protection is its job! And the skin of little ones will never want to go without it, with every diaper change. The effectiveness of this Paste counts on the excellent plant-derived ingredients of its formula, starting with Zinc Oxide, which let’s your child’s skin breathe, respecting the pH balance, while creating a barrier effect between skin and irritating agents. The organic extracts of Marigold, which is moisturising and protective, and Chamomile, which is softening and refreshing, then come into play while Shea Butter, with its rich array of vitamins, helps soothe reddening. Lastly, along with other targeted plant-derived ingredients, Sweet Almond Oil helps restore the skin’s natural hydrolipid film and protect it against cracking and redness that can easily develop on the inner thighs of newborns: here their skin is indeed particularly subject to the pooling of aggressive liquid and continuous contact with nappies.

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