About La Marina


Thank you for your visit! In Kassel's west is our - as we find - unique natural cosmetics and lifestyle shop with vegan-friendly products and gift ideas from all over the world. Those who visit us for the first time feel almost like a child in a candy store. From all sides the scents of fruits, flowers and spices flow over and the eyes can barely get enough of the colorful handmade soaps, bathtubs, pots, tins and packages. A true feast for the senses!


For friends of the good taste we offer some very nice delicatesse, mainly origined in Italy, as well as extraordinary accessories like silk scarves, historic jewels and special gifts.

Everything here is packed with attention to detail, because after all, not only the content but also the design plays a big role in the enjoyment. Our offer is complemented by special accessories (bags, scarves, jewelery etc.) and tasteful ideas for your home. If you want, you can enjoy our natural cosmetics with a cosmetic treatment in our wellness area.

Schaufenster La Marina handgemachte, vegane Naturkosmetik in Kassel

For more information please vitit our Homepage: www.lamarina-kassel.de

Current information and pictures of our products can be found on Facebook at La Marina Kassel or on Instagram.