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Cafe Cult, Since 1836, La Marina, Feinkost, Tee, Kaffee, Geschenk

Completely new worlds of taste open up to the coffee or tea drinker while enjoying our flavored coffee and tea specialties.

Sure, coffee and tea are multifaceted. Sometimes they are mild, spicy, earthy, herbaceous, chocolatey, nutty or fruity with more or less sweetness and acidity. It's a good thing, but it's not always enough. Because some of us sometimes feel like more sweetness, more chocolate, more nuts or more fruit. You will find this “more” on the following pages with our flavored coffees and teas. The many years of experience of our partner Dethlefsen & Balk from Hamburg with flavored teas naturally helps us here. The manufacturer has been able to develop an aroma-preserving, gentle process, from which the originality of the coffee participates just as much as that of the aroma. The result is balanced compositions in which the coffee uses its development potential and the aroma skillfully uses its fascination.

Our flavored roasted coffee varieties are the ideal change in everyday coffee life. The harmonious and fine aromas of the Café Cult specialties offer expressive taste experiences, not only for special occasions. The basis for the flavored varieties is a balanced, sophisticated coffee blend. The added aromas are specially dosed so that the fine character of the coffee is clearly expressed and leaves a harmonious impression of bean and aroma. The natural flavors used for the first time in form of ground pieces of chocolate, pepper, strawberry and raspberry are sensational. This is revolutionizing the market for freshly flavored coffee specialties.

The taste and aroma of these exceptional top coffees and teas make you a convincing person. Try it yourself!