Welcome to La Marina's Shop for Natural Cosmetics

We are happy to welcome you in our Shop for Natural Cosmetics. Based on our belief in natural, beautiful and ethical correct products, we offer mostly vegan natural cosmetics, which are not tested on animals.


In our Online Shop you can find our favourite natural products. Amongst others, we proudly present you nearly the whole range of the beautiful L'Erbolario products from Italy: with the same spirit one of our country forefathers would have offered the finest fruits from his garden.

The natural cosmetics and perfumes of L'Erbolario contain plant substances and are clinically tested in the University of Pavia in Italy. Still today, in fact, the raw materials are freshly pressed vegetable oils, flower waters and herbs distilled drop by drop, juices of plants extracted with craftsmanlike patience, essences received as a gift from generous Mother Nature.

In addition, we offer the wonderful handmade Cosmetics of Bomb Cosmetics and the German natural brand Manufacture Zartgefühl.

In order to check their tolerability, they are subjected to careful clinical trials; obviously, animals are never used in these tests.

With our Natural Cosmetics you are in harmony with the environment and animals, favouring sustainable development.


Nicht an Tieren getestet / not tested on animals     Nachhaltihge Herstellung    Umweltfreundlich     L'Erbolario vegane Naturkosmetik bei La Marina

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